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The BASEBALL Building

The BASEBALL Building, owned by Dwier Brown (Field of Dreams actor John Kinsella) is a 20,000 sq. ft. recently restored 1860 building , occupied by the

If You Build It Exhibit, The Baseball Hall of Dreams, The Batting Center with cages and other training areas, and soon a baseball-themed restaurant, all within a 4.5 mile drive of the world-famous Field of Dreams. We're dedicated to creating a creative, fun environment for all-things baseball. Dyersville attracts over 300,000 baseball-loving tourists annually. 


Current Tenants


Experience the history of the most iconic baseball field and explore the community that calls it home. Revisit your favorite moments from the film, discover stories from behind the scenes, and how locals helped make baseball movie magic in an Iowa cornfield. 

The Basebal Hall of Dreams.png

The Baseball Hall of Dreams tells the stories of the passionate, devoted people who have made baseball so meaningful for so many. From Ugandian Little Leaguers to 90-year-old Taiwanese sluggers, from legendary Major Leaguers to Brooklyn stickball fans, featuring interactive displays and memorabilia, kids and adults can explore the artistry, morality, history, joys and heartbreaks of baseball.


Wanna hit some balls?  Come and take some swings in the cages.  Hit one over the green monster and win a prize.   Tee-ball age kids will also have there own space to hit off the tee. (Opens June 2022) 

Restuarant Space.png

We are set to open in May, 2022.  We still have a few spaces for baseball-oriented businesses only five minutes from the Field of Dreams. 




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May - Open weekends only, Sat/Sun 10am- 5pm

June ( Starting May 29 ) - October , Open 7 days 10am - 5pm

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