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Space for Lease 

One Space Left

We still have one space for a baseball-oriented business that would like to draw on all the local tourism and tournament baseball that Dyersville offers, only five minutes from the Field of Dreams. Dyersville receives approximately 300,000 tourists every year to visit the Field of Dreams and The BASEBALL Building.  If you were coming to Iowa to see the Field of Dreams, or to go to the MLB game,

Would'nt you stop to visit The BASEBALL Building?


We still have one space of appx 1,350 sq. ft., for a baseball-oriented business only.  $ 14.00 / sq. ft. per year.

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Space for a Rustic Restaurant

We have the perfect space for a Baseball-themed restaurant to serve the hundreds of thousands of kids and their families that come to Dyersville every summer, and the locals who have few restaurant choices.  Lot's of character, right next to the Batting Center.

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